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Where's this hobby going?

Article about: As the title says where is it going. There is obviously interest, enough for several forums like this, and prices for items have never been higher relatively speaking and some of us have spe

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    I agree w/ the warm and fuzzy feeling people get here..there are a load of good guys here! No salty attitudes or mockery to an un-experienced newcomer. Thanks guys for making it that way.Oh, and to Volksjager: I love your avatar! Got to love those luft lids!

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    Quote by totenkopfDean View Post
    Oh, and to Volksjager: I love your avatar! Got to love those luft lids!
    Don't rub it in

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    Haha, Yeah that one is a nice lid, have a topic on it in the TR helmet section

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    Quote by Adrian View Post
    I believe you also need to take into consideration income relative to age. Most collectors have the means to purchase militaria because they have an income, they earn a wage or pension etc. Most youngsters under 18 for example won't have the means to buy items because they can't afford them. I think it's only as people become older and can indulge their interest as they earn the money to do so. There aren't many 8, 10, 12 year olds that can afford the type of items we buy on a regular basis.
    With so many other things to entertain young people nowadays it's no wonder they don't hang out with old 'uns at militaria fairs etc. I don't believe the interest is dying, it just takes longer to manifest itself.
    There are a couple of young collectors here on the site who contribute and join in the discussions on a regular basis and I enjoy watching their collections grow, seeing how pleased they are when a new item arrives or are saving up for the next purchase.
    From my own perspective, I always enjoyed the history of WW2 and spent alot of my youth reading about it and buying books. I had no idea how common the items were (pre internet), I had a few family things passed down to me but I didn't start collecting properly until I had the money to do so. Besides, there were exams to do, jobs to find and girls to chase!
    I have to agree with this way of thinking, but may i had something to it?
    Next month ill be 30 years old, with this age in my country, im considered to young to collect or even to know anything.
    Most emails i get from people that sees my modest collection, say " I never knew that collectors that young existed" .
    It has to do with age and with country. There are very few collectors here and there ages are usually from 50+.
    A good budget is essential, but a good economic plan is necessary, i developed one and since then i started buying more and more stuff and expensive also.

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