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Who is Talking/Post a Picture

Article about: arty photos there.

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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    Anyone in the UK doing their m/cycle test won't even get near the bike if they ain't wearing suitable clothing now. Which i can fully understand. Stewy S

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    Quote by Chopperman View Post
    I've seen some bad ones also. Even had a couple friends
    die. Even if they had been wearing helmets they would
    not have survived. That's the chance you take. I seldom
    wear a helmet, only in the rain or cold or if I am going into
    a large city where I do not know the roads or traffic. I
    always always always wear good boots and long pants.

    I believe every new rider should take an approved riders
    safty coarse. ( I even made my wife take it ) I also think
    that new riders should not be allowed to ride some of the
    super bikes of the last 20 years. Nothing in my opinion seams
    stupid as to let a 16 year old kid with no experience buy a
    Ninja capable of going almost 200 mph. Plus it seams if that
    is the kind of bike they own, then the proper riding attire is
    shorts and flipflops with a girl on behind in a bikini. Granted--
    my boots and heavy jeans wont do much but its better than
    nothing at all.

    -------Sorry, didn't mean to preach. I enjoy riding, Its one of my
    passions and tend to get a little excited sometimes
    please be careful then, my advice is to you is invisage what each car could do on approach, pull out/encrouch over the middle of the road etc, treat everyone on the road as an idiot and slow down at junctions from the side of any road. safe driving mate

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    Just to add my two peneth worth the only bit of kit i would never wear is a hi vis jacket i feel that they tend to give a rider a sense that they will be seen, when they should always expect not to be seen! thats ny bit over.

    As for Stuka f in his slippers, those crazy Dutch ride in the old wooden clogs.


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    Headlights on,on a sunny day also perplexes a lot of car drivers. As this seems to make them misjudge your speed IMO & experience. A lot of m/cycles are now with permanently on headlight,which i think's wrong. Stewy S

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    I am with you on that one Stewy, and the old excuse you flashed me, when the bike has gone over a bump in the road.

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    Both my DRZ400 & XJR400 suffer from this which i'm not overly happy about. Stewy S

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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    what kind of bikes do you guys drive? or what kind of bikes yous into?

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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    Suzuki DRZ400
    Yamaha XJR400
    Kawasaki KLR250
    Yamaha Blaster quad
    Vespa Primavera 125
    Vespa P125X
    I think that's it. My 3yr old son has a 25cc trial bike too. Stewy S

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    Currently riding a Harley. I've also got an old Triumph and I
    used to have a Kawi KZ900 and Suzuki. I don't care to much
    for "knee dragger" bikes but I would take a Ducati if it was offered
    to me.

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    stewy my 3 year old daughter has a suzuki 50cc the little yellow one but hurs is barbie pink now i also had bikes from my first 50cc to my honda cr i have a honda vfr streetfighterd the now and a vfr 750 but iam into harleys the most as growing up my dads always had hog's! he gave me a 1200 sporster custom i will have to show a pic of it sometime shes beautiful

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