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Who is Talking/Post a Picture

Article about: arty photos there.

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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    Me and my better half enjoying Italy !
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    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    Photos of me and the wife on the Isle of Elba,also a scan of my best buddy Boomer. Thats me having a drink on the ship we cruised on.
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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    Hi, here`s me and my beautifull girlfriend while in Hyde Park and at the Sherlock Holmes Museum
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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    Here's a couple of me and my daughter in Normandy and another reason why you should never forget to hide all cameras before you have a snooze............
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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    Here are a couple of me in Iraq.

    The one pic is me and an Italian soldier, and in the background on that Italian armored vehicle, is an original MG-42, still had the original Nazi markings on it, and still chambered in 8mm. And that M-16 is chambered in .308 / 7.62x51

    The Other one was taken at Talil Air Base, while we was waiting for the convoy we was escorting had to get unloaded, and yes thats an British L85A1.

    The other was taken at Camp Smith, thats an Steyer Aug, i really loved that weapon.

    The last pic was taken at the footsteps of the Temple Of Ur, the birthplace of Abraham, from the bible. Thats an M-4 carbine, and a Glock 17.

    I got to carry, and play with a lot of different toys. I have tons more pics, these are just some of my favorites pics.

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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    Looks like you have been pinching other armies weapons



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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    Yeah, those were a blast, especially that Aug, here are a few more for you.

    The first one was some Ukraine soldiers i was working with.

    The second one is of an British armored vehicle i that involved on a Operation we was on.

    The last one was when we just back to camp after a near long mission of doing convoy security for nearly a month running from Kuwait , to Baghdad, to Balad, and other smaller fobs throughout Iraq. I was dirt tired, as they say it...

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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    Here's me probably 6 or so years ago at a gun show behind theordore J "Dutch" Van Kirk , the navagator in one of the planes that dropped the A bomb. Ray

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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    1. - Me and the Willys - May 29 2010.

    2. - Enjoying some leisure time.

    3. - Conveying a WWII Vet of the Irish Regiment Of Canada,
    .....Warriors Day, at the Canadian National Exhibition, 2006.
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    Default Re: Who is Talking/Post a Picture

    me in my mates garden shooting targets and me and my son and wife 2 be (getting married this sat,12th!) in Majorca!
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