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Who is Talking/Post a Picture

Article about: arty photos there.

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    I don't have many photos. I just am not photogenic!!!
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    One of the new guys here. Here's a picture taken at the entrance to the Kubinka Military Base in Russia (I'm on the right) and another of me in Red Square. Both pictures were taken in the summer of 2001. Sorry to say that try as we might, we could not get them to let us see the tanks at Kubinka. They said we needed special permission, which we did not have...

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    Hi Guys
    This is Me (Dan) and a friend at a recent fancy dress, I was a Trojan warrior - The armour was steel & so was the helmet so left that off after a while!
    Now you know what I look like, and insults posted will be taken personally hahaha only kidding.......
    See you around!
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    Hail Ceasar !! , nice one Dan Do you wear that on your bike !! I bet it comes in handy at chucking out time!!

    cheers Al

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    Ahaha... May take it for a spin on the bike The sword and sheild are better at chucking out time

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    BTTT Keep the picts. coming.....BILL
    "As long as there are brave men and warriors the halls of Valhalla will never be silent or empty"

    In memory of my father William T. Grist December 26, 1920--September 10, 2009..
    901st. Ordnance H.A.M. North Africa, Italy, Southern France....ETO
    Also in memory of my mother Jane Kidd Grist Feb. 22, 1920-- September 27, 2009... WWll War bride May 1942...

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    Me, the nag and the daughter i work my finger's to the bone for, on hols in mexico

    cheer's ronnie
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    MEXICO i never get any further than rhyl

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    Fred Green

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    Greetings All, here is a shot of my ugly mug and a 220 kilo Silverback in the background. "Which one is which?" my friends always say.Took this in January when the family went to Rwanda to visit the oldest daughter.The second shot is of the wife and I at Akagera National Park in Rwanda.

    My daughter is a political officer in the State Department. It is not a dangerous area any more. This year the country will be recognizing the 15th Anniversary of the Genocide. A month of healing. Viewing the mountain gorillas was truely awesome and a once in a lifetime experience. We spent an hour in their midst. Unbelieveable peaceful,but awesome, animals. Would love to do it again. The gorillas lived through the genocide. Only three were killed during that time. The park we visited borders Uganda and The Democratic Republic of Congo.Congo just had 7 gorillas executed for no reason. Not by poachers becuse the bodies were not disturbed. Prior to that they were actually having great success in their gorilla populations. I have not heard what is going on in Uganda.

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    yeah they are like gentle giants just look at this one

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