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This will be expensive.

Article about: You guy's brought up idea's in me ....that is the time when my wife generally gets very wurry! What would you think of a transparant plexi cap in order to display cap insignia's...? I am col

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    Default This will be expensive.

    something terrible has taken place, whilst moving all of the items in my modest SS collection around, I seem to have created a "gap"! We all know this will not end well, clearly I'm not going to accept this and I will have to rectify this situation as I like a nice balanced look to my displays. Two things could happen, I could move everything around the little display cabinet to how it was before and fill the gaps - OR....I could purchase another item to fill the gap!......Hmmmm, it would have to be small, only a small gap.....Hmmm....where I could I get some unbiased, logic based, sensible advice..........Hmmmm cant think of anywhere so I'll come here! Right, what are your suggestions fellas? Nothing too out there, if you were thinking of an honour ring, stab yourself in the eye with a fork and think of something else! Any thoughts appreciated.
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    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Default Re: This will be expensive.

    You are making a rod for your own back there mate and I expect some retail therapy is the only solution to this medical condition.

    Tropical sleeve eagles are sensibly priced and are often seen for sale. It depends how much you are willing to spend on treatment as the options are many and varied.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: This will be expensive.

    When I first came in here I thought you might have dropped your dagger and broken the handle or something mate.....

    Sports vest patch? They look cool and are not terrifying money. Or maybe a hanger for your dagger, you could switch the dagger and sheath around and have the hanger filling that gap a bit.

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    Sell it all and buy yourself another Landrover.

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    Default Re: This will be expensive.

    Could you squeeze a helmet in there? Good luck! I know you'll find something.


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    Default Re: This will be expensive.

    one of those pieces of helmet with decal on it, that you see for sale on ebay. a ss decal bit. i bet your life it would be real too.

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    Default Re: This will be expensive.

    Dave, we often hear of money disappearing into black holes, yet I fear yours will soon find its way into a white space :-)
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    Default Re: This will be expensive.

    ss belt buckle. with or with out the belt

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    Default Re: This will be expensive.

    a tropical eagle , a common SS sleeve eagle, an SS armband, an SS dagger knot, an SS buckle, an SS edelweiss sleeve patch, a sport shirt insignia, an SS cap cloth skull, an SS pin ,an SS soldbuch , an SS dogtag, an SS service medal... So many ideas!!! And ofcourse you can always place there an SS cufftitle but that goes a bit over the top of the price!! Tell me when you decide what to buy! I'd really like to see your full display without that horrible horrible gap!!!!

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