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World War II Vet Told He’s Too Old For Memorial Parade

Article about: If it wasn't sickeningly True, this would sound like a bad joke... By Eric Pfeiffer November 16, 2013 7:28 PM A World War II veteran who served the British Royal Navy with distinction was to

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    I believe the valid point may be somewhat lost in the indignation expressed about this story.

    As I read it, the veteran cannot now act in an "official" capacity as a marshal for the British Legion which requires public liability insurance to cover their employees and functionaries in whatever activities the organisation carries out.

    This is a legal requirement in the UK for all companies, and organisations to protect both the organisation and the general public from potential accident claims. This legal requirement applies to all organisers of public events. The British Legion insurance policy appears to be age restricted to 85 years or younger for those parading in an official capacity on behalf of the Legion other insurers will have different restrictions obviously.

    It doesn't mean this honoured veteran cannot take part in remembrance or commemorative parades just not as official marshal or similar on behalf of the British Legion as he and they will not be covered under their public liability insurance policy...which seems perfectly acceptable IMO as all insurance policies come with provisos and restrictions. I believe he can still march with the Legion, although he might not want to if he feels aggrieved with his loss of official standing at any parade.
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    Maybe i'm playing Devil's Advocate here, but I think 4thskorpion has a very valid point. The gentleman in question is not being banned from the parade, merely being asked to stand down as the parade organiser and there can be many valid reasons for this.

    It somewhat reminds me of a tale a friend of mine oft recounts of an incident many years ago when he was a member of the gun team of one of the Commando Field Artillery Units at a cenotaph service in Plymouth.

    He fired a 105mm light gun to start the 2 minute silence. Straight to their front an old be-medalled boy collapsed into a heap and they had to watch as St John's vainly tried giving him CPR. He'd died instantly from a massive heart attack.

    It was his first ever "kill".
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    A valid point raised on the liability insurance this does not make it right though and I find the timing of the hole affair this close to remembrance day in rather poor form as I am positive if this was addressed earlier they could have found a different insurer and or underwriter to cover Mr Miller separately.
    IMO this gentleman has more than earned his place at the head of the parade with his military service to king and country and not to mention the many years he has spent volunteering his time in my eyes it is a matter of principle and must agree with many of the other gents here I am rather disgusted .

    Regards Mark K
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    I agree it is not right that "Dusty" should not be able to lead or marshal a parade but IMO the blame is not with the British Legion.

    Unfortunately Public Liability Insurance is a necessary evil in today's "claims culture" when people often want to try and make a buck out of their own stupidity or lack of common sense is these "something-for-nothing", greed driven people that prevents the likes of 89 year-old “Dusty” Miller being a marshal and not the British Legion.
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    An odd story....

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    Absolutely disgusting!!!!!

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    There is nothing that can justify this "wrong" done to the man. Insurance is just a manmade scam that the masses put value in and has nothing to do with this vet being stripped of his dignity. Lets blame the billionaire insurance companies for not digging into their dirty pockets and "upping" the $13.75 worth of coverage for that day for this veteran. much risk exposure are they facing with an 89 year old man walking .5 mile down a level street with no landmines, mortars, enemy combatants, tanks, or gun fire? It's disgusting to say the man needs insurance! If insurance is needed, an insurance company should be proud to provide the coverage for some free advertising. This man gave his all and they can't give alittle. Greedy bastards!


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    Dont sit on the fence, Mark

    Just say it like it is

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    Quote by Scout View Post
    Dont sit on the fence, Mark

    Just say it like it is
    lol, some things get me going. Like this injustice. Or Washington closing an outdoor, unmanned, memorial because government closes due to their incompetence

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