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World War II Vet Told Hes Too Old For Memorial Parade

Article about: If it wasn't sickeningly True, this would sound like a bad joke... By Eric Pfeiffer November 16, 2013 7:28 PM A World War II veteran who served the British Royal Navy with distinction was to

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    Insurance isn't a scam when someone tries to sue you but it is when you have to pay the premiums to prevent the former financial risk.

    The real greedy bastards are those who see insurance fraud as a low-risk and potentially lucrative enterprise and without them who would need public liability insurance in the first place.

    Here is an interesting document regarding such "compensation culture" in the UK (I suspect it is similar in the US).

    State of Fear: Britain's "compensation culture" Reviewed
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    Yes, of course, it's that same in the U.S. And, yes, not a scam when someone tries to sue you.......for a legitimate reason. Like you, I have insurance for everything. Not because we need it, but because we are told we do. Lets see, there is health insurance, supplemental health insurance, death insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, auto insurance, uninsured insurance, eye insurance, limb dismemberment insurance, loss of wages insurance, burial insurance, home insurance, fire insurance, flood insurance, property insurance, etc. I ask, does not health insurance cover many of these under that umbrella? Does life insurance not cover death? Ugh!!! I pay for all of these insurances and probably more, I can't recall (wife knows the details, lol). I happen to have a risky profession and it costs me more to have insurance, but I wouldn't be without it because I know anyone can file any lawsuit, no matter how false or silly it may be. I wake, go to work, and pay the bills like everyone else and don't question it. When I hear sad stories of veterans getting the short-end of the stick because an insurance company wasn't greased, it gets me thinking about the heavy handed scam artist.....the Insurance Company.

    It's the frivolous lawsuits that are won that make the system a failure. Just remember hot coffe at McD's and the finger tip in Wendy's chili. Where is the common sense, on the part of the judges, that allows for these things to happen? If it wasn't for such litigations to be possible, in the first place, then we wouldn't need insurance for everything. All judges must be lawyers prior to taking the seat, therefore, they understand the process and know it's profitable to consider such litigation. As long as someone pays, there's an attorney for it. Once in a while, a bad judgement is found and a new precedent is made.....hence, needing insurance for walking down the street. When a vet needs insurance to walk the streets.....the insurance companies have won.

    I think anyone with a clear mind should have an issue with this vets situation.


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    This sue society makes me sick.

    I have to PLI for work and for our LH group.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    it just means he cannot carry the flag anymore.

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    Quote by harryamb2 View Post
    it just means he cannot carry the flag anymore.
    probably the proudest he has ever enjoyed in a parade..being able to uphold what he stood for and protected
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