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World War II video games. Your thoughts?

Article about: by ObKrieger And another! This is great, guys. We need to have some campaigns. My favorite mods for CC5 are the Battle of Berlin, Stalingrad, and Scheldt ones. I had some computer issues ear

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    Default Re: World War II video games. Your thoughts?

    I just got Combat Mission: Fortress Italy only released yesterday!

    My collection of the Combat Mission series is now:

    CM:BO (Beyond Overlord)
    CM:BB (Barbarossa to Berlin)
    CM:AK (Afrika Corps)
    CM:BM (Battle for Normandy) - new game engine
    CM:CW (Commonwealth module - Normandy)
    CM:FI (Fortress Italy)

    You could say I am a fan of the series!

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    Default Re: World War II video games. Your thoughts?

    The vastly superior WW2 games out there are the 2 most authentic ones:

    Company of heroes (RTS - Real Time Strategy)
    Company of Heroes PC Games Review - Video Review - YouTube


    Brothers in Arms (FPS SCS - First Person Shooter - Squad Combat Simulator)
    Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 video review Xbox - YouTube

    Company of heroes is a very realistic strategy game that takes place on the western front. It is a very realistic and beautiful game with a wide array of german wehrmact, german Panzer Elite, brittish and american units. You get to choose one of these 4 armys to play with, and then choose between 1 of 3 companies that these armys have. For example when playing as the Americans you can choose between Infantry Company: Centered around defense and infantry support, let's you call in reinforcements such as the elite US Army Rangers. Airborne Company: Centered on air support, this company also allows players to deploy paratroopers. Armor Company: Centered on vehicles and armor support. Let's you use the powerful M26 Pershing heavy tank.

    The thing I found most amazing with this game was the story. You play a campaign as americans on the western front from D-day and as you progress in the game you get to see "cutscenes", in game videos that shows a little story. These cutscenes were amazing, showing a lot of the germans humanity not portruating them as beasts. just take a look at these 2:

    Company of Heroes cutscene - Your Coffee *****! - YouTube

    Company of Heroes Campaign,mission 3, ending - YouTube

    There is also 2 expansions to the game! The last one being really bad unfortunally.... And for now, there is a sequal announced! And it's on the EAST FRONT!!!! Company of Heroes 2 - Debut Trailer [HD] - YouTube

    Brothers in Arms is a very authentic Shooting game. It let's you command 1 or 2 squads of soldiers. You have to use tactics here, surpress the germans with your fire team and flank them with your assault team. It's really fun and can be played on Authentic level which more or less kills you after 2-3 hits. Took me a few weeks to complete the campaign on this difficulty as there is not even any save points during the levels with this difficult level on! I highly recommend that game for any shooter fans, and it's expansion. The sequal is nice but does not come close to being of the same quailty.

    For that cinematic feeling, Call of duty 2 is the greatest. Call of duty 1, call of duty united offensive and call of duty world at war is also quite fun.

    Battlefield 1942 is a Swedish game and is really awesome. It is a multiplayer game where up to 64 players can meet in deadly battle on historic battlefields suchs as Omaha beach on D-Day, WAKE island, Kharkov and El Alamein. You can play as infantry as one of a few classes such as medic, engineer and sniper but the great things here is all the vechicles. There is a wide array to choose from, and of course you can play as germans, french, americans, brittish, russian italians and japanese. Tanks (Tigers, T-38's, Shermans etc etc) Planes (Mustang, Messerschmitt, Zero) and small armored vechicles like SDKFZ, jeeps etc etc. The greatest of all is that many of the vechicles can be used by a few people at the time. For example the ZERO can have 1 pilot and 1 rear gunner, the B-17 can have 1 pilot (and bomber) and there can be 4 additional gunners! Same goes for tanks and small vechicles. Really great to play with friends online!

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    Default Re: World War II video games. Your thoughts?

    Quote by slados28 View Post
    COD: World At War on expert is a good one --- been thinking about getting Sniper Elite: v2 , has anyone here played it? Other than that I used to play the old PS1 MOH games. There was also this quite interesting game based on trying to escape from various German POW camps, the name escapes me at the moment but it was a good one (except for some bug that actually hindered me fully completing the game...)
    i have played Sniper Elite V2 on 360,on my 4th play through now........., its a fantastic game,and the satisfaction of getting a perfect head shot on a sneaky hidden enemy sniper is very nice......although the wife doesnt quite share my enthusiasm......
    Well worth getting in my opinion...... Another favourite of mine was Microsoft Combat flight simulator on PC,online using the MSN gaming zone,that got the heart racing doing bomber escort at night with Me 110's trying to knock you down,the Pacific version was good as well,those Zero's really were a great,if somewhat easy to flame,fighter.

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    I love the Combat Mission series. The graphics are not the best but it is a WONDERFUL turn based simulation! I bought the anthology about 12 years ago and still play them today! Another good groups is Theatre of War. Another RTS game but with much better graphics!

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    Has any one played the Strategy game Axis and Allies? Either the board game or the Computer version of the board game. Computer game offers some interesting video clips added and more overall strategy as you can command any 5 countries entire force.
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