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Worst timing ever.

Article about: I have to fume this short story to some fellow collectors: I started college last year and quickly decided who my favorite professor was. I went on a trip to Peru a couple of weeks ago with

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    Default Worst timing ever.

    I have to fume this short story to some fellow collectors:

    I started college last year and quickly decided who my favorite professor was. I went on a trip to Peru a couple of weeks ago with a few students and this particular professor. I have become good friends with her and she has told me all about her life and her father, who was a general's aide in WWII. Well, apparently her father brought back a whole lot of stuff from WWII.

    This professor of mine was married, but she got a divorce a couple years ago. Please note that she has grown quite fond of me over the past few months and her ex-husband now works somewhere in Montana and they have no contact whatsoever. Here is a conversation that we while we were in Peru. These were not our exact words, but this is basically what went down:

    (after discussing her father's role in WWII)

    Me: So did you dad bring anything back from the war?
    Prof: Oh yea, he brought back all sorts of stuff.
    Me Like what?
    Prof: Well he brough back a bunch of medals, helmets, a belt buckle that says "Gott mit uns" on it, some dagger, etc.
    Me: What does the dagger look like?
    Prof: Well, it was black, it had a chain on it, had matching numbers, something on the blade... It also had an eagle on the handle.

    Get ready for it...

    Prof: I let my ex-husband have it in the divorce. What was I going to do with the thing? If I still had it, I'd give it to you. You would probably appreciate it more than anyone I can think of.

    SON OF A B$&%#

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    Default Re: Worst timing ever.

    WOW sorry man. Did all of it go to him?

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    Default Re: Worst timing ever.

    I'm not sure. I don't think she gave it all to him though. I think she still has the belt buckle. According to her, the buckle was given to her father by her father's friend who was actually a "German from the panzer division". From which division, I don't know. Her dad was a general's aide so apparently he went all over Europe, but he never saw combat.

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    Default Re: Worst timing ever.

    Definite possibility she could have some stuff that didnít got to her husband. If she cool with you i say go for it and see if she would like to sell or donate the stuff to you.

    (looks like you need to take a trip to montana)

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    Default Re: Worst timing ever.

    Ouch! To think what could have been!! I wonder what he did with the dagger?

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: Worst timing ever.

    Judging by what she told me about him, he probably threw it away or something.

    I am up for a road trip to Montana too! I have been regularly corresponding with her though, so you never know what she might find in her attic that I could potantially buy from her.

    But seriously... she had a chained SS dagger with matching numbers. She was going to GIVE it to me! To think that it is in the hands of some douchebag who won't take care of it is horrifying... I am going to have nightmares for a year.

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    Default Re: Worst timing ever.

    I have heard similar stories, matching numbers? did she mean a number on the cross guard? never heard of matching numbers on a dagger. i would console your self by thinking it wasnt an ss dagger at all. maybe NSKK. Still, would of been nice to own regrdless. dont feel too bad,it just wasnt meant to be. george w

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    Default Re: Worst timing ever.

    I believe Ade Stevenson may have posted his before. If I remember correctly, he owns a numbered SS dagger that was researched to an SS officer.

    I will update this thread if anything else turns up. It's 4 A.M. here now, so time for me to go to bed. Here come the nightmares.

    I can see it now, a bear from Montana is chasing me out of the forest with a rusty, neglected SS dagger... half-broken chain flailing in the wind... and then he catches me, and my nightmare ends right before the bear stabs me with it...

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    Default Re: Worst timing ever.

    I wouldnt worry about it Mo , i bet hes got it in a nice display case, with the helmets that were brought back and some SS insignia and a luger with a nice Knights cross with ribbon, a signed photo from Hitler, etc, sorry had to tease you, its really a bit of a bummer, but you never know you might end up with a very nice little collection on your hands, but be careful i reckon that lady has taken a fancy to you, sorry teasing again lol

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    Default Re: Worst timing ever.

    So, you're, like, a divorce victim!

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