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WRF Club Membership Question

Article about: Hello I hope I am putting this under the right topic sorry if I am in the wrong area. I have a question about becoming a member as a plan to do so rather soon because I enjoy the forum and t

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    i know this forum is global but as a club member you feel part of a tightknit community almost like family but without the grief there are many forums out there but this has to be no1 in my opinion and i can truthfully say its the only one i frequent these days why have a burger when you can have a T bone steak

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    I was wondering why do we have peoples names in Green? I understand the pink & whites. & are there any other colours?. Cheers Terry.

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    Green is for Mods and Blue Super Mods (Paul) The shade of green on mine, Dimas and Richie's is for Admins.

    Lifetime members are blue.

    Cheers, Ade.
    Had good advice? Saved money? Why not become a Gold Club Member, just hit the green "Join WRF Club" tab at the top of the page and help support the forum!

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    Thanks for the info Ade.. How do you become a life time member then???.. Cheers Terry.

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    Quote by Tango View Post
    How do you become a life time member then???..
    You get sentenced to it.

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    ...But seriously:

    You can't sign up or apply for it. Lifetime Member status is bestowed on selected members by the forum administration.

    (I must say that I, for one, was completely surprised, but felt greatly honored and privileged back when Ade informed me that I had been taken into this select group.)

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    Very good info there.. I didn't know that it must be like joining the Artists Rifles back in the day where YOU had to be selected!!!.. I will carry on waiting here for that Cheers Terry.

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    Money well spent. Get off the fence already.

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    Which reminds me.........


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    Just paid my renewal... This forum has saved me much more than the price.
    And I will add I feel I have met some really nice and sometimes humorous members here. G

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