Not possessing anywhere near the level of expertise that many of my colleagues here have, with regard to SS/NSDAP items, today I saved a considerable amount of money by not buying:

1. NSDAP Badge 'Adolf Hitler 1933' ~ marked M1/172 and Ges. Gesch on the reverse. (Acknowledged to be a fake)

2. SS Cufftitle 'Afrika Korps' in black with silver script ~ "The SS were everywhere" I was told by the dealer when I challenged him.
(The only SS in Nord Afrika were SD Einsatzkommando Tunis under SS-Obersturmbahnfuhrer Walter Rauff) The SD men were entitled to wear the standard 'Afrika' cufftitle and there is a photo of Rauff doing just that.

So, the moral of the story is: unless one possesses immense knowledge of one's chosen field of speciality, resist the temptation to 'buy a bargain' and do the research first!

Thanks to everyone for posting their photos and comments on this forum. I will continue to do likewise.