I don't know if it's the good place to talk about that but I found something very strange and I am pretty sure it's valuable... I have 7 photos of the first autopsy of Benito Mussolini. I have look all around and found nothing like that, the only photo I could found of this moment belong to the national archive of U.S.A. (DOF: Italy (autopsy/caption)). On the photos I have, I can see a group of proud Italian officials posing with the corpse, the medical examiners, some armed men, a clergyman and a woman. There's Mussolini's body Mussolini's disfigured corpse displayed on a shallow porcelain tub for the autopsy, then Clara Petacci, Mussolini and another man in wodden boxes...

The photographic paper don't have any mark in the back. It seems it has been developed by the photographer. Some photo are badly framed or cuted (there is black marked in the exterior of the frame sometimes).

Here is the description of the photographies:

- 3 corpses on the floor
- 9 persons around mussolini's body (on the floor) armed men, medical examiner, clergy man, Italian officials, woman...
- At least 10 officials with the corpse in a shallow tub
- 5/6 armed men (Italian rebels?) around Mussolini's body, in a wodden box
- 3 Armed men (one is hiding his face) looking at the corpses of Mussolini, Pettaci and another man, in identified wooden boxes
- Mussolini in his wooden box
- Pettaci in her wooden box

I found those photographies with other WWII pictures:
- 3 photos of Victory over Germany, passed censorship for publication (Canadian Air Force)
- 2 photos of a printing house
- 8 souvenir photos of Canadian troups in Paris
- 11 photos of the liberation of concentration camps by the canadian (with German prisonners carrying jews body)

What should I do now? I have put the pictures in a safe place and made copy of them.
I tought I could sell this in auction. Can someone refer me to a good auction house?
How much do you think it's worth ?

Thanks a lot