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WWII and WWII Thirft Shop Find

Article about: Hi guys, I am new to collecting and I recently noticed a set of WWI items. In total they are selling it for \\$950CAD. What are your thoughts and how much would you value the lot? Pictures are

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    The tin box is a Princess Mary Christmas tin from 1914, a very interesting item.


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    Thanks guys. I'm going back tomorrow with some great info. Ill tell you how it goes.

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    The periscope looks a hell of a lot like the ones fitted to American tanks during WWII...

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    Quote by GIZMO8Z View Post
    The periscope looks a hell of a lot like the ones fitted to American tanks during WWII...

    I agree.
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    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    It's really a mixed bag there - and far too much money, IMO.

    ( I HATE stickers on historic items......... )

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    CBH is online now


    The black knife is a USMC combat knife , and these weren't made in WWI . And they are still being made today .
    Good luck

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    Ok so I just got back. The knife was 1960s-1970s the strap was broken. The tin was ok not perfect. The Tank periscope was in bad shape. The Chassepot Bayonet was black and it horrible shape. Only the WWI Scope was the only thing worth anything really. He went down to 850 lol. Even after I showed him how the Chassepot only goes for like 100 in mint shape he said 300 on just the Chassepot. I even found a WWI scope that sold for 350 in mint shape with the box. He also told me it was donated and the guy told him he paid 900 at auction. So he got it for free and he wont go down at all and the shop is supposed to be for charity lol....

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    Just plain nuts! Folks out of the militaria loop always think they've got a gold mine and over price things. You can find it all for less so pass on it.

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    I was lucky enough to pick up a WWI British Artillery/Gun sight anyway from craigslist. I found a W Ottway & Co Ltd Ealing 1917 Gunsighting for 150. I only wanted the gun sight from the previous deal anyways. Thanks for all the advice guys!


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