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Your Laugh for the Day

Article about: fraud.jpgHere is your laugh for the morning. This photo under the heading WW2 WORLD WAR 2 GERMANY RARE FIND: U BOAT COMMAND WALTER KELL PORTRAIT U8 U204 is on eBay with an opening bid of \\$2,

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    Andreas: Hmmmmm. You're right. But still, the opening bid is a tad high. Dwight

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    If the price was in Yen instead of dollars...


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    Dwight: The seller has drastically reduced the price. $325! Better hurry if interested!

    WW2 World War 2 Germany RARE Find U Boat Command Walter Kell Portrait U8 U204 | eBay


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    Luke: Nah. I'll let some other deserving soul grab it. But thanks for the heads-up. Dwight

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    I guess I am a little late for the party here but I feel I should probably add something. Kplt Kell is a relative of mine, and I can guarantee you that the picture is not him. It doesn't even look like him. This is of course not his uniform. He was attached to a navy floatplane squadron for a while, but from my understanding he continued to wear his KM uniform. Also I'm pretty sure this uniform has luftshutz collar tabs. That and the rank is wrong.

    My original thoughts when I found this ebay add was stark excitement of adding to my collection of documents related to uncle Walter, and then terrible disappointment a few minutes latter when I realized that its definitely not him.

    Also erno those are some nice official screwback NSDAP-SS reichstag iron crosses you have there, are they still available or did you scoop them up already?

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