Hi, I just recently found this website and thought I'd share some info I have regarding an Allied Prisoner of War Encampment located behind Utah Beach in France during WWII. (CCPWE #19) My Great Uncle was an American Captain stationed there. When he passed away my Father inherited a book that was evidentily commissioned by the US Army to detail the building and growth of the encampment from the days after D-Day till after the war. We believe much of the artwork, maps and graphs were completed by the German PW's. Very interesting stuff!!!

If anyone has any information regarding this encampment, or any others I'd love to take a look at it as I'm always trying to get more information. Especially CCPWE #23 in Bolbec as I believe my Great Uncle was also stationed there for a while.

Detail WWII Book Photo Gallery by brandonrowe at pbase.com

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