Hello All,

Been a while since my last posting here. ( I had questions concerning American WWII Trench art ring I found at a yard sale)

Anyway, I have been give two sets of post cards, as per the Title. Each set comes in its own folded card-stock sleeve. There are 12 cards per set. I don't know if they are complete, but I assume so. They are photographs of statues, paintings, uniform examples & displays. Inside the back fold is printed the following; -Ateliersd'Impressions d'Art- Establissments Vigier & Brunissen - 30, Rue Lebrun- Paris.

I was curious to know if they are rare or valuable. I intend to keep them as I collect military plates/illustrations as well as illustrate them.

Also given to me is a collection of post cards produced by the National Army Museum. They are from watercolor paintings created by Major A.C. Lovett. They are in used to poor condition. I love them, but don't know anything about them. Are they valuable, rare, etc.? There are 37 of them.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

If this is in the wrong place, I trust the mighty admins to move it as needed!