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Commander in Chef of the Uk

Article about: Hi walking along The Mall today in London and came across this... These breast plates were captured of ( French) The Guards during the 1812 (Waterloo) Elizabeth commander of the troop. Gener

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    At the WAAAS monthly meeting a few months back, one of the members brought in a cuirass/breast plate for the Lifeguards that was a proposed prototype for the anticipated state funeral for Winston Churchill-was black enamelled but the idea wasn't proceeded with due to cost-would be hard to believe that 200 year old kit would still be used for regular parade use-would be sitting in the regimental museum rather than risking a meeting with the ground on a squaddie thrown from a horse I would have thought!

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    Ah, the Royal Horseguards are actually divided into two units, the Royal Lifeguards, and the Blues and Royals; both collectively referred to as the Household Cavalry. They are actually frontline troops as well, mainly tank units. (Scorpion and Scimitar light tanks) The Blues and Royals wear the dark blue tunics under the metal breastplates, and the Lifeguards wear the red. Both units were once heavy cavalry that fought at Waterloo, and the breastplates were actually captured from the French heavy cavalry 'Cuirassiers' during that battle. The French Presidents Republican guard that you sometimes see on newsreels are the Cuirassiers uniform, sans breastplate.

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    I love the idea of them being Waterloo trophies but it can't believe it is accurate, I can see them being removed from the battlefield with the intent to adopt them but the ones worn today are more modern copies. Quick research has them being adopted in 1820 for heavy cavalry, but never worn in a cavalry charge.

    Google 'household cavalry cuirass' and there is a number for sale around the GBP600 range.

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