This little piece of history arrived yesterday along with a few other artefacts.

Dutch Prayer to HitlerDutch Prayer to Hitler

Google translated the item says:
(Prayer of the Fuhrer)
In the name of the Fuhrer and of Himmler and of Goering Amen
Great Fuhrer who art in Germany,
Lord and Master, your Reich
Thy will be done in Holland, Belgium, France,
Aber England have never come in your range ...
Give us, please, four hundred fifty grams of bread
Otherwise we would rather die
Lie us down not in your concentration camps
Still we see evaporate all hope
Good Hitler, urgent, help us,
Blessed Himmler, pray for me
Holy Goering and cronies. pray for us.
Mighty German master race pray for us.
But, among us:
Thou art the son of a painter,
Tyrant of the modern time,
Thou hast brought not to ever,
Because overall is despised go,
Hitler thou cause vans on grief,
Sm p why you not die.

All the best