There is at present a series of GPO wartime films being shown on Sky Arts 2 , unfortunately they are on the English TV system, sorry about that to all our overseas friends, ive found it very interesting, there are quite a number of 14minute films all designed to inform the American population of the time regarding the work being done here in Britain and France in the early yrs of the war, they are ranging from little known squadrons, the Maginot line, the Air War, and Armament factories,coming soon there is a story of the attempts of the Luftwaffe to bomb the Forth Bridge, the amount of footage is very revealing regarding vehicles,fashion and uniforms of both British and French, I didnt realise that Strassburg in France was completely evacuated within 4 hrs and the entire city was empty except for police units to protect the properties just prior to the Germans crossing the only bridge from germany into france, if you can i would highly reccomend this series