This is the last of my finds today..
Now here is an odd one, it is a file for the Royal Canadian Army Service Corp that supported the 7 BGD, which was 3rd Div that landed on D-Day...this is a years list of the ways to load the trucks..telling where each number truck would be in the convoy and what it was carrying, it is interesting to see the earlier ones as they are very different from the late May 1944 lists...if you study D-Day you know that new items were being invented to help storm the beach..and after a Quick look, I can see changes including "new" items"
Paper is not my thing, but it is interesting as so little is know about this sort of thing at this lever, most people don't even consider the fact that the fighting troops needed support, and this shows the loads in order.

Never seen anything like this...
Not really exciting, however something that shows the planning ect for D-Day
I have some good Friends in Normandy..I think this will go there.
There is a whole file here, I am just showing a couple of pages

Dean O

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