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Grandfather's WW2 Diary

Article about: Hello everyone, today I finished typing my grandfather's Diary from WW2 and decided to share it. I hope you all enjoy reading it. Also help correcting any typos I may of made would be greatl

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    That explains it because my father listed all the doctors that trained at Fort Ord and moved to the desert as the 92nd Evac. He mentioned some transferring out and others in, but didn't mention everyone's names.

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    that does, also will look for your father's name in all of the letters I have next time I have some free time.

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    Itís known as serendipity. I stumbled on your grandfatherís diary by accident. Reading the paragraph about his arrival in Australia brought back memories. My family lived half a block from Camp Ascot which was Eaglefarm Racecourse before being temporarily taken over by the US Army. I can remember watching troops march between the Hamilton Wharves and Camp Ascot. The road from the wharves was Racecourse Road which lead straight into the camp. Many years later I was to move to a town near Rockhampton. I have a keen interest in local history. Rockhamptonís involvement in the war was passive but fascinating. It was a training ground for 76,000 US troops and the airport was a vital link for the AAF transport group. Thank you for a very interesting story.

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