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Iwo Jima Landing Attack Orders - Red Beach 2

Article about: The first half of original Landing Attack Orders for Red Beach 2 at Iwo Jima. This document was given to me by my uncle Edward Bradshaw. He landed members of the 5th Marines at Red Beach 2.

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    Neil , i'm blown away ! What a rare and amazing piece of history to have survived from that infamous invasion . I mean , how many of these would have been kept and stored ! To actually have the provenance backed up with it being named to a member of your family is awesome ! You obviously will not need me to tell you to cherish it Thanks for showing it all , it's been a pleasure to view it !

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    Al, Thank you for your kind comments. I get very choked up when I speak about it. My uncle Ed was beloved by all in my family. He noted my interest in history when I was in high school. I began collecting memorabilia. One day, he reached into his closet and pulled out a box of items including his Winter uniform, souvenirs from his time in the service and this document. He said "I know you will take care of them." That was just a few years before he passed on. Oddly enough, he died the same month they scrapped his home ship the USS Rutland in 1982. Indeed, I have taken care of his memorabilia and his memory. My only regret is losing the small bottle of sand he kept from the shore. It was a black sandy mixture taken from Red Beach 2. I still feel so sad about losing it. This is the first time I have completely digitized this document and I chose this forum as the first place to post it. It is now also on the Facbook Iwo Jima veterans and family page. Neil

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    Nice paperwork. Thanks for coppying it for me long ago. I is in my map case. Rich A. in Pa.
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