Kessler Field , Office of Post Safety , Collection Cartoon Art Posters
HI, I have the original Portfolio of the art propaganda for the "Office of Post Safety" from Kessler Field, Mississippi, it is World War 2, it is a Professionally embossed hard cover with the Post name and logo, Size of scrap book, black pages, with attached photos and art, with the art work and photos of the art work use at the post to promote safety at the Post, maybe 60 pages, by different artists stationed? at the post, most notably Paul S Snyder, who has a collection at the Smithsonian, most of what i have is Cartoon drawings of Hitler and Axis, Air planes, etc all regarding safety, mostly in Cartoon form of Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. The other artists BB Parker, Pvt Al Yorkunas, Sgt Potts, Sgt Tony Johns, Pfc S Wolfson, James Hagerty, Cant find out too much info so far would like to know more about it , I am sure all bases had offices of Post safety at all posts, and like any info on the other artists, and Idea as to ball park value as well, or insurance value, the book is loose leafed, with string tie that goes thru pages and cover. any info appreciated