I have recently purchased this letter. Its from Lieutenant-General Boy Browning, CO 1st Airborne to Major B Wilson, the Company Commander of 21 Independent Para Company, dated 27th September 1994. It is a personal letter congratulating Major Wilson on the performance of 21 Company during Market Garden. The letter has come from the family of someone connected with Major Wilson during the war. It looks correct for the period in terms of paper quality etc, measures 7.5in x 5in. I have no reason to suspect it is a fake, but could be a contemporary copy- it is certainly not modern paper or printing. The text of the letter is transcribed on several Airborne websites but no image of the actual letter. Any views on this - it didn't cost much money so a low risk purchase?

Letter from Lieut Gen Boy Brown to Major B Wilson, 21 Indep. Para. Coy after Market Garden.

Just as background, the 21st Independent Company the Parachute Regiment pathfinders served the 1st Airborne Division and formed in June 1942. On 17th September the Company jumped at Arnhem during Operation MARKET-GARDEN marking the DZs and LSs for the first lift. One platoon marked the abortive landing site for the Polish gliders, who landed amid the battle under heavy fire. The Company was trapped within the Oosterbeek Perimeter with the survivors of the 1st airborne Division and experienced heavy casualties.