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The Malmedy Massacre Photo

Article about: hiya guys got this today its a press photo of the discovery of a site just a few miles out of the town of Malmedy where it was reported by survivors that German soldiers had gunned down thei

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    What a mess we people sometimes make. Maybe this is a good time to point out that there were many acts of decency from boths sides as well. I know there are times when it's easier to respect your own enemy more than those up your own chain of command. It's not always easy being human.

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    Amen to that Mike. The worst and the best of humanity was displayed during this and every war.

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    I totally agree with Pompa mike regarding acts of decency and inhumanity. A chap I knew was a commando during ww2, he was in france and for some reason got seperated from his mates, the truth being told i think he half indicated that he was goofing off at the wrong time, anyway alone he decided to make his way back through a farm yard , walked around the corner of the barn and straight into a Waffen SS unit that was resting and eating cold rations.He thought there and then that was it ,they wouldnt show any mercy so he stuck his arms up and they took him prisoner,sat him down ,gave him some food ,a cigarette,and some foul tasting coffee.He thought that was his last meal. To his complete surprise the german officer spoke english to him and told him that they didnt have the means to take any prisoners and apologised,He was blindfolded had his hands tied behind him and was made to kneel down.He said that for the first time in his life he actually wet himself and waited for the shot, it never came,he heard this unit pack up ,and start to move away and then heard some of the germans shouting as they moved away ,"good luck tommy" . After a while he was all alone and managed to get the blindfold off by rubbing the back of his head along the ground and pushing the knot upwards. He also managed to wriggle out of his bonds. He said he sat there for a long time trying to work out what had happened, and then he found his wifes photo on the ground and a packet of german cigarettes. He showed me the cloth that was used to blindfold him , a bit of tent material. He said it changed him in some ways but not in others, because the amount of weapons and militaria he brought back was mainly from the dead soldiers that he came acoss throughout the war. Some of which he had killed himself.This guy was a MM holder but for the life of me I cant remember his last name,as id like to research him more thouroughly.

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