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My Great Grandfathers Service Booklet

Article about: Very recently I was involved in the demolition of my Grandfathers shed, being quite a big shed, there was a lot of boxes and in one of them in an envelope was my Great Grandfathers service b

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    ok, Will do, thanks very much. How would you go about tracking down medals if there was any?

    Thanks again


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    I would ask all the older members of your family if they remember what happened to them? They will have been issued to him. But where they have ended up now is anyone's guess? The medals will all be named and serial numbered.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    If thats the case, I know exactly what would have happened to them. When I was younger, a lot younger my Gran and Grandad moved into a smaller house. They did have a lot of his equipment and pieces, but it took up so much space so my Auntie decided to look after it. Being the idiot who tends to throw out antiques, she decided to sell the lot, the medals were probably with it so they are most likely in someones collection. I know that there was a jacket, helmet and the belt shown in the picture, but the medals were most likely there too.



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