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Newspaper, GB, Blackshirt, 34

Article about: G'day All Here's a nasty one from my lot of junk.....

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    Default Newspaper, GB, Blackshirt, 34

    G'day All

    Here's a nasty one from my lot of junk.....

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    Guess this one is a bit too nasty

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    The BUF rally at White City (the old Wembley stadium) didn't go ahead. The previous rally at Olympia - which is mentioned in the front page articles - was certainly the most notorious blackshirt rally, due to the rough treatment of anti-Fascists by the stewards. Although there are other notorious clashes, there were many thousands of meetings up and down the country, large and small, inside and outside that passed off largely peacefully. I've always been surprised that throughout the whole period no one in Britain was actually killed in the struggles between the blackshirts and their opponents.

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    Thank you kindly for the additional information

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    Nice to see. Not much BUF stuff survives.
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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Nice to see. Not much BUF stuff survives.
    There are some more things in this thread:British Union of Fascists - and some fakes too...

    The paper things aren't so hard to find but the badges and uniforms much rarer, especially the uniforms. The BUF had perhaps 40,000 members at its peak in 1934 and obvious many more individuals were members at one time or another. However, many things were burned or otherwise discarded during the war. Most of the BUF things offered for sale are fakes and although most are easily spotted some of the copies of armbands, the embroidered badges and of the fencing jacket style black shirt are hard to distinguish from originals.

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    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Concerning the Battle of Cable Street video. It may be forgotten that the fighting was between the anti-fascists and the Police. There were only a few scuffles on this occasion with blackshirts, most famously the one involving Thomas - 'Tommy' - Moran which was caught on this film [ca. 1.33mins]. He was a onetime champion boxer in the Royal Navy. He is seen in closeup at one point, with his face and black shirt covered in blood [ca.1.48]. It is normally said that he was hit over the head with a chair leg.

    The disorder caused the police to request Mosley to call off the march.

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