I bought this this morning at our local War in the Vale show at Ashdown Camp Evesham. It is a blue leather bound photograph album containing 53 original black and white photos which belonged to 1800478 AC2 M.J Middleditch who underwent his flying training at No.5 BFTS Riddle-McKay Florida, USA. Photos included are of bi-plane trainer and Harvard aircraft, aircrews, aerial photos and a few pretty girls-in all I thought it was a great little album. Now, it was a toss between buying a relic Russian T-34 tank track or this album and decided the album was the better item. The seller was asking 60 and I did try and haggle but seller would not budge on the price. What do you think guys was this a decent buy????? Regards Tim.Attachment 972424Attachment 972423Attachment 972425Attachment 972429