I have been a member on here for quite a while now and this to my shame is my first post.
Some years ago we went round Eden Camp Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum and they were having an exhibition about Belsen in one of the huts. Now at the time we had with us my Father in law who had been part of the 63rd anti tank regiment that was one of the first units there, he wouldn't look at the photographs and displays and insisted that we left the building which to us at the time seemed strange. As we were leaving my mother in law said she briefly saw a photograph on the wall with my father in law on it. He never talked much about Belsen only the good times he had getting drunk with his friends leading up to his discharge from the Army
Earlier this year after the deaths of both my in laws we inherited some 40 6"x4.5"photographs taken in Belsen towards the end of the war which he has kept hidden away, Although I don't think they are anything not already published they have numbers on the back of them BU4002,3,5,13,14,15, to 19,22 to 24,26 to 29,34,36,38,42,43,51,54,56,59 to 64,69 to 71,92,101, to 103 finally BU4109 plus on that has no number on it. I am thinking perhaps one or more of the missing photo's of the sequence might be of my father in law. Anyone have any suggestions to where we might find the rest of the photographs taken in Belsen in 1945 so we could see if we could find any with him on them. We know that he had something to do with the guarding Josef Kramer and Irma Grese. He left the army as sergeant Gordon Charlesworth we don't know what rank he held at the time, Any suggestions or help appreciated thanks.