Hi Ade, Paul et el, sorry about posting this here but I wanted to thank those who recently gave me a like in a few threads but I cant reply to them. Martin bull for one who is a great Gent from another site.

Im in and out this month due to volunteering but also wanted to mention to you guys that while doing this volunteering, ive met a lot of Vets-most are WWII vets. These include: a 3 war Vet-an American who served in China under Gen Claire Chennault, as well as in WWII, and Korea, another Vet who was in the first group of men who made up the US Navies first Sea Bees detachment, and another Gent who served in the British "Red Devils" and now lives here in Corpus Christi.

Volunteering certainly had many benefits, ive also been reunited with two friends-one I have not seen in at least 30 years, and another I have not seen in 16 years.