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unusual dog tag ?

Article about: Hello have you seen that before ? and what for ? another one found in Finland or Norway, here Not much to find today - Friendly Metal Detecting Forums thanks for answers cordially Didier

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    Default Re: unusual dog tag ?

    Found one of these today at the local antique shop here in Norway, and I too am really curious about its purpose and origin

    unusual dog tag ?

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    Default Asa

    I bought an ASA for 3Ä in the city Avignon in Provance in south-france. I did, as everyone here, wonder what it was. Same day i write this in
    Saint-Remy. My First thought it was somthing like australian security agency but i not sure that exist. Other thoughts and Comments will be appreceated if i spelled somethiing wrong i have big for an Iphone

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    I am beginning to suspect this is some commercial item. Am I wrong?


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    Hey guys, i found one of these tags today in a used product store, i just tought it was cool so bought it for Ä0,75, googled it and found this treath!

    I live in Belgium, so that is another country to add to the list!

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    unusual dog tag ?

    Hi guys! I have one more, found it at home, no one can give an answer about it.
    The most interesting thing, that i'm in Russia.

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    Hi there i found the exact same dog tags in a charity shop in dublin, ireland.
    I am interested in finding out where these are from and from what military backgriund they have. Any suggestions??

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    Hello Gentlemen
    many thanks
    it's a real mystery, we can find this plate all around the world !!!!!

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    Default Dog tag

    I have that same dog tag, in finland. I wanted to Google if I found something information of this dog tag. I wanna solv that mystery!

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    Default mystery

    unusual dog tag ?

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    Hey that was my perfect english 5 years ago.

    I went to several military vets from germany but nobody knew anything about the tag. I hope someone will find an answer for that mystery.

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