Traded for a pile of letters and pictures of a Leatherneck serving with the 29th. Below is a pic and letter I typed during chow. I'll make a page to post the pics and type the rest of the letters as soon as possible. Enjoy

Dec 16. 1945
Dear Mom:
Just a few lines tonight to let you know Iím O.K. and hope you are well at home. The way it looks, Iím going to be away from home another Christmas. For a while I had hopes of being home but itís impossible now.
Well the lid that they were expecting to blow off here in China has finally started. Last night the Communists tried to take the Walled city, thatís about a mile and a half from here, at 11 oíclock and they fought most of the night. I guess they will keep it up now until they get the city. I still canít see why they donít get us out of here. There are only 60 of us here and last night there were 3,000 Communists so you can see that we wonít have much of a chance if they decide that they want this railroad bridge here.
They stopped liberty again today so I guess we wonít be able to get any more liberty while we are here and the way they talk we are going to be here for quite some time yet.
I only have 49 points now. When I was back in the States it became official that we only rated one star in our ribbon and we didnít get the Unit Citation for Bougainville. When we first got back to the States they told us we could wear the citation and three stars as we were supposed to get them but something happened that changed it all.
Well thatís about all I can think of for now, will write again soon. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love to all,

P.S. Elvin is the Jarhead on the right.

Semper Fi, Bob