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WW 2 Military surrender paper

Article about: Anyone know if this is authentic?

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    Thanks Eric,

    Since this is not on a legal size paper it is probably a reproduction for sale to the public, some months after the actual signing. One could always dream though!


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    No problem, Kevin! And I agree, what a find it would be! Still an interesting piece....I would have it framed and display it proudly....

    Amazing though that it is such a simple document. No seals and simple language. I have legal documents I review at work with more substance. And none of them are for the surrender of a military force!

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    I have to assume that these are copies published for the general public after the fact. This is evidenced by the fact that I now own a copy of the exact same document along with a copy of the Japanese instrument of surrender. Mine even has the same provenance; found folded in half in an old book. I looked at some of the "handwritten parts and they have the same penskips that yours does plus the improper spacing of the -2- above the French signature. Still a cool find if it was issued near the end of the war.

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    Thanks Walter!
    I think it is a cool find though and will frame it somewhere in the home!


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