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Afghanistan - The Bear Trap - 1979-89

Article about: In recent months, I have become quite intrigued with the subject of what I refer to as "The first war in Afghanistan". No need to post links to historical commentary - as this is t

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    Default Afghanistan - The Bear Trap - 1979-89

    In recent months, I have become quite intrigued with the subject of what I refer to as "The first war in Afghanistan". No need to post links to historical commentary - as this is the photo section - - but original photos belonging to any of you, my associates - not images copied from the internet - of anything related would be interesting to see...

    As a side note, I am actually thinking of compiling a few uniform/equipment items to create a display at some point. I feel that this cloth and kit (AKA - "STUFF") is a "sleeper" genre at the present time that may gain popularity in the next decade or so...

    God forbid that I would run out of stuff to acquire during the course of the next twenty years or so as my main interest; 1935 - 58 has increased in popularity ten fold in recent years, and the once steady supply of authentic stuff, has about dried up...

    On another note, I would be more than happy to create a new UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIA sub-forum dedicated to this subject if any would show their interest and their stuff.
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    I would find this a very interesting subject. I followed that war extensively and it was in all the Solider's of Fortune mags at the time. I joined the Marine Corps in August of 1979 and graduated Boot Camp November 15th 1979. On December 25th we were told about the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. This would make for a great discussion.

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    Valid points Richie your are quite correct the kit used in Afghan in those days will undoubtably become collectable as it does with all wars
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    They already are, and some of them are far from beeing easy to find. I would say, the most credible point about this is that repros already exist...

    Afghanistan - The Bear Trap - 1979-89

    Idem + KZS top
    Afghanistan - The Bear Trap - 1979-89

    Afghanistan - The Bear Trap - 1979-89

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    I only have a couple of thousands pics from the latest conflict in Astan.

    Look forward to the pics of others though.

    If one should look clinically at that sad conflict, I especially look forward to seeing Russian uniforms in detail.

    They had/have some undertated stuff like the 'Gorka' suits.

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    This should be an interesting thread!...
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