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Does anyone know who this is?

Article about: I've been trying to find information on the identity of this lady. She was alive as of a few years ago, and I was hoping to write her a letter if she is still living (and if I manage to loca

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    Hi Salocin,

    Yeah, it's in the link to her website. If that's not a posed photo I don'y know what is! I'm certainly sticking to my post war photographed-in-the States theory on this.
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    Circuit advertisement Does anyone know who this is?
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    Very well could be! If so, I wonder what the story behind those pictures is?

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    I can't help with the pic , But if I could have taken her home I sure would of done it. She did age well!!!
    Great Job Ned
    Semper Fi

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    Quote by big ned View Post
    She was a GI bride according to her website, moving to the U.S. in 1946. Looking at the photo above I'm immediately struck by the missing majority of the background of the photo, it makes me think that it has been deliberately cropped out to hide something. The fact that she's holding a U.S. Springfield rifle and behind her is a building that most definitely appears to me to be American in it's design and architecture makes me really wonder if adding all these parts together, the photo was taken POST 1945 when she had in fact already moved to the States with her American husband, that would explain it all rather neatly.
    Good theory my man!...
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    I wrote her a letter asking for a signed picture - got a response back today. While she did not include any pictures, she did leave a note about a book she just finished. I've printed a picture out and I'll send it in another letter - and ask how I might purchase her book! - in another letter.

    If anyone is interested in writing to her, PM me for her address. She's 96 and I don't want to plaster her home location publicly.

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