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"Gratitude" Certificates

Article about: "Gratitude" Documents of Guards to Red Army Man (Private) Ivan Pavlovichu Krukovu: - Gratitude to the participant of fight beyond Danube: For excellent operations at speeding up of

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    PS : I would like to add: "foreign" forum friends, do not hesitate to ask me to help with the translation of Russian texts or documents, etc., to me it's not hard and I will gladly help (because of this, I will be able to improve their English language) Write to me in PM, no problem! ( I know, that in many forums it is not accepted, but we, Russian, it is considered quite normal

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    Gratitude awarded to Soviet soldiers for service in the Polish Army.
    "Gratitude" Certificates

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    Philippe, not exactly a soldier, is a colonel

    "General Command of the Polish Army

    Gratitude to

    Colonel Gordievsky Anatoly Petrovich.

    From the service person to announce our gratitude
    for honest and dedicated work shown by you in the Polish Army.
    In a joint friendship with our fighting comrades - Polish officers,
    during the fighting, and organizational difficulties,
    You gave them your military experience and excellent knowledge of the military, which is a long time to use our army.
    You deserve our memory, and your help will strengthen our great friendship between the Polish people and the peoples of the USSR.

    Chief of the Polish Army - Zhimersky
    Warshaw, 25 February 1947"

    PS It is noticeable that the Russian text of this gratitude did write not Russian man, because there are present the wrong turns of speech, we do not say so .

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    Thank you for translation and clarification, ..... you are the best !!!

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    Many thanks, Philippe, we have common interests
    I am particularly pleased to hear that from you, the author of the best book about the Soviet gear.

    PS Sorry, my english is so bad that I have to edit my texts the next day
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    a helping hand for this one, the text is very ...

    "Gratitude" Certificates

    Thanks in advance

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    Dear Comrade,

    petty officer of Guard, Movchan Andrey Petrovich,

    The Great Patriotic War It ended with our victory. Nazi Germany defeated in the dust.

    You served in the renowned Guards Army. It is the soldiers of our units, installed on the Stalingrad Tractor Plant our red flag... ( - further describes a long list of wins this Guards Army)


    For all of these military successes, Our Guards Army (and you, too, along with it) received 25 gratitudes from Comrade Stalin. Thank you, valiant warrior and a patriot of our beloved Homeland! (-Next - is a long text , about what the soldiers of this army destroyed many Nazis)


    With love waiting you at home..Your family, your friends, and the entire Soviet people welcomes you, Red Army soldiers who returned home with a victory! You deserve general recognition and respect.

    Army Military Council is deeply convinced that your love of country, and will help you to make labor feats also.
    In the factories, mills, and farm fields, you will increase the power of our Soviet great country.

    Be faithful to our beloved leader and teacher Comrade Stalin!
    Strengthen military and economic might of the Soviet Union!

    I declare you my gratitude for Meritorious Military Service, I wish good health for many years, and success in your work life.


    Army Commander, General - Colonel of Guard

    Army Chief of Staff, General- Leutnant of Guard

    Member of the Army Military Council, General-Mayor of Guard

    (their names are illegible)

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    Thanks Michael, glory to Guard Andrey Movchan Petrovich and his comrades

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    Another one , Michael please

    "Gratitude" Certificates


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    OK Dom, I translate this tomorrow. And now I'm going to work.

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