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old Russian tickets?

Article about: Hi, I think these 2 are tickets, but does anyone have an idea of what they are where they were used? Many thanks, Neil.

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    Default old Russian tickets?


    I think these 2 are tickets, but does anyone have an idea of what they are where they were used?

    Many thanks,
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    Default Re: old Russian tickets?

    I might be wrong but I think it is a ticket stub to the ballet Copallia

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    Default Re: old Russian tickets?

    The bottom one appears to be two unused tickets for the Харбинское Коммерческое Собрание / Kharbinskoe Komercheskoe Sobranie / Harbin Mercantile Assembly (or "Association"). The date was 31 January 19??. The seats would have been in рядъ / pyad / row 6. The price of the seats in rubles and kopeks and the seat numbers have not been filled in.
    On the left is the stub for the buyer, on the right is a stub to tear off when the ticket is sold for "control". The center is the main ticket.
    The main part of the ticket says that it is not valid without the stamp that you see has been added, thus specifying the date for which the ticket could be used.

    That would be Harbin, now in China. Here is a picture of the building:
    It was used as a meeting place for Russians in Harbin, including for emigrés after the Revolution. There was a theatre for various performances. I assume the ticket was intended for this purpose. Interestingly, it is written in the "old" alphabet used before the Revolution.
    Harbin was founded as a railway town around 1900, by Russians. It stayed "white" until occupied by the Japanese in about 1932. I recall that the RKKA liberated the place, but it ended up in China after the war.

    The top one is a single ticket, laid out the same (buyer's stub on the left, "control" stub on the right). First row, seat 11. Given the high number for the price of the ticket, it looks like the ticket came from a time of hyper-inflation. If it came from Harbin, that might be the late 1930's / 1940's when the Republic of China experienced hyper-inflation. The alphabet on the ticket is post-Revolution. Here is a discussion of the various currencies that might have been found in China :
    Chinese currency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The venue is Театр Сов. клуба / Teatr Sov. kluba / Theatre of the Sov. club - but maybe not "Soviet [Union]" club (?). If it is "Soviet Union" club, then the ticket maybe dates from the immediate post-war period (?).

    - Frayer
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