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Polish document...?

Article about: Hi, Would someone try and see what this is? it's Polish but I guess it is no ID, something to do with USSR... Can one see why, where it was issued? Thanks, Neil.

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    Default Polish document...?


    Would someone try and see what this is? it's Polish but I guess it is no ID, something to do with USSR...

    Can one see why, where it was issued?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Polish document...?   Polish document...?  

    Polish document...?  

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    Default Re: Polish document...?

    I think that it is some sort of ID because the picture on the top left says something along the lines of:

    Patriot Polish USSR

    Executive Board

    ID Card


    Name and surname

    Year and place born 1903



    Date ?/??/1945

    This is a very rough translation but I hope it helps in someway.

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    Default Re: Polish document...?

    thanks! great help.
    Maybe can you see the city this was issued at? more details of the document would be great. Thanks again.


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    Default Re: Polish document...?

    I'm sorry but I cannot read the city but I have more information:

    This is a contribution booklet to the Polish union with the USSR. The bottom pictures show the 12 months, Wysokość składki (Amount of Contribution), and Podpis skarbnika (Signature of the Treasurer)

    This person started his SKŁADKI CZŁONKOWSKIE (Membership) in maj (May) and it goes on to grudzień (December) of 1945.

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    Default Re: Polish document...?

    Many thanks.

    May I ask: was the holder a member who received contributions or gave them?
    Was this only Polish Patriots in the USSR, something like refugees in the USSR?


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    Default Re: Polish document...?

    I'm decently sure that this man was apart of the ZPP (Union of Polish Patriots) and contributed to them.

    Here is a brief history of the ZPP:

    The ZPP was formed in 1943 as a political body in the Soviet Union by Polish communists and controlled by Stalin. It would later become part of the communist rule in Poland after the war. The ZPP would gain power after April 1943 when the Soviet Union broke ties with the Polish government in exile after the Katyn Massacre. In May the ZPP helped create the 1 Dywizja Piechoty im. Tadeusza Kościuszki or the first Polish Armed Forces unit in the East.

    In June 1943 the ZPP was officially created and elected Wanda Wasilewska was president. In 1944 it recognized the State National Council and become involved in resettling Poles from Russia to Poland.

    It was disbanded in 1946.

    So in general this is a membership booklet for the Union of Polish Patriots (ZPP) with contribution records signed by the Treasurer of the ZPP.

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    Default Re: Polish document...?

    Thank you very much!


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