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Soviet field post

Article about: Hello! I could not find a relevant post here on the forum, so I made new one from scratch. Please, share your items in this thread if you wish!!! I have got these two Soviet field post cards

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    An interesting extension to my collection and excellent letter linked to the pilot Vsevolod RASPOPOV, who was shot down over Crimea and captured by Germans. See posts #6 and #7 of this thread.

    This is one is addressed to RASPOPOV's father, Yuri Alekseevich Raspopov, and written by a stranger woman.

    Greetings, Yuri Alekseevich.
    Your son Vsevolod RASPOPOV - the pilot who has been a prisoner of war in the town Simferopol for about 2 weeks. On the night of 13 March 1944, i.e. when Germans retreated, they were taken away in unknown direction. Their further fate is unknown?
    The previously captured pilots were kept and later transported to the West.
    They were captured at Syvash lakes. The engine broke, they tried to escape but were captured.
    I was working in the unit where the pilots were held. I supplied them with our newspapers and some other items. All these 4 pilots asked me to inform their families about them.
    I am SHUSHAKOVA Vera Tikhonovna. My address is town Simferopol, Zhelyabova street 15.
    Please, let me know if you received this message. My duty is to inform you and fulfil their wish.

    The house at the address Simferopol, Zhelyabova street 15.
    Soviet field postSoviet field post
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    Quote by Egorka View Post
    Please meet technic-intendant 2 class ROSS ALEKSANDER IVANOVICH, born 1904 in town Nikolaev (Ukraine).
    The veteran wrote this letter on 08 June 1944 to his wife, who resided in Kiev at the time. If you read the letter you will see the intrigue.

    town Stalino, 08/VI/1944
    Greetings my dear Shurochka (wife's name), my dear mother and my lovely daughter Annushka. I am alive and well.
    I didn't write you because I was on the state clearance, first in the village Mandrikino, then in village Gorlovka. Now I have passed the state clearance and assigned to the ranks of RKKA. Soon I am leaving for the front.

    Dear Shurochka! Our 3 year long suffering and turmoil are soon to end. Not more, than in a couple of months, if I survive (I am not in doubt I will) our lives will turn to the better - I will send you my soldiers provisions attest and the life will be as it used to.

    I sent a teletype letter to Mrs.Chernogor today. I need your address. Expect my next letter either from the front or from transit.
    Write me where is Misha and Vanya? How are you living and where? Pass my loving fatherly kiss to my precious son Misha.
    Good bye. Kisses to all of you. Greetings to all the friends and neighbors.
    Donbass, town Stalino.
    My address: fieldpost 44482 Ж.
    Aleksander (please, don't write me)

    The letter was written right after ROSS successfully passed through the filtration camp, because he was living on the German occupied territory from August 1941 until December 1943. He was in service since February 1936. In June 1941 he was the head of supply train of the 19 Howitzer Artillery Regiment, which was located close to the state border when Germany attacked. His unit quickly found itself to be behind the front line.
    As many others in such situation he was declared MIA:

    But ROSS survived. It also appears to me, he evaded being captured by Germans (i.e. he was not a POW), but managed to get shelter somewhere and live his live through 1941-1942-1943. I don't know exactly how. Maybe he managed to get to his home town Nikolaev or he just settled somewhere quiet in the countryside (another common survival scenario during that period).

    So by June 1944 he was cleared, i.e. no fact of collaboration with Germans were found on him. Despite the fact, that formally all these cleared men (and there were many of them) were not found guilty of any crimes, they had to take a 2 months shift in an Assault units - detached assault battalion&company. 2 months or until wounded. Or killed. So ROSS was on his way to 13 detached assault battalion, where he arrived on 12 July 1944.
    The 13 detached assault battalion existed from 20.06 till 01.10.1944. It was moved a lot between the rifle units, and it seems after 04.07.1944 it was assigned to 416 rifle division (32 rifle corps, 5 shock army, Southern front).

    The further fate of the veteran is not 100% clear to me. I don't see any direct and specific KIA report. But his award record is not in the archive and nothing else positive can be found either... So I am fearing the worst...

    But this is not the end. It gets even worse...
    It appears , that ROSS' son Misha - Mikhail Aleksandrovich ROSS, born 1925 in town Nikolaev, was KIA on 14 January 1945. He served from Summer 1944 first as a rifleman in 358 rifle regiment, 136 rifle division. Awarded Bravery medal in October 1944.
    By January 1945 he was a MG section leader.
    As soon as Im waiting for my first field post card to come I'll add something to this thread. We don't much about Alexander Ross fate but I think I could do something to trace the last days of his son's-Mikhail Ross, what I think would be interesting research.
    Mikhail was killed on the first day of Vistula-Oder offensive while attacking from Pułtusk-Serock bridgehead 47th army met defense of German 542 infantry division. I was able to locate probable place of his death and initial burial.

    According to 136th rifle div. after battle reports Ross's 358 rifle regiment attacked from positions on eastern outskirts of village Stanisławowo in north-west direction meeting fierce defense in a orchard on northern Edge of Stanisławowo. Under shelling of 2 German artillery batteries located in Nuna and Kukarzewo area by 13.00 14.1.1945 reacheda road from Kania Góra to Popowo Borowe, just south from hill 109,2. And then came under heavy machine gun fire from houses just south from hill 109,2 about 1,5km east from Nuna.

    And that's when probably Mikhail Ross fell, as Soviet document described initial burial place as "1,5km north-east Nuna"-that's right in the area of these houses, most probably was killed while directing his MG squad fire at these houses. Let me take you to this place almost 75 years later.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Soviet field post   Soviet field post  

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    One of these farm used by Germans as provisional fortifications-now abandoned for a long time. What happend to Mikhail Ross is that probably was reburied to Soviet military cementry near Pułtusk.
    Best Regards
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Soviet field post   Soviet field post  

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    Jacob! That is excellent! Thank you very much for this valuable insight and fieldwork!
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    Amazing search and nice piece of history

    Thanks for sharing


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