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Soviet field post

Article about: Hello! I could not find a relevant post here on the forum, so I made new one from scratch. Please, share your items in this thread if you wish!!! I have got these two Soviet field post cards

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    An interesting extension to my collection and excellent letter linked to the pilot Vsevolod RASPOPOV, who was shot down over Crimea and captured by Germans. See posts #6 and #7 of this thread.

    This is one is addressed to RASPOPOV's father, Yuri Alekseevich Raspopov, and written by a stranger woman.

    Greetings, Yuri Alekseevich.
    Your son Vsevolod RASPOPOV - the pilot who has been a prisoner of war in the town Simferopol for about 2 weeks. On the night of 13 March 1944, i.e. when Germans retreated, they were taken away in unknown direction. Their further fate is unknown?
    The previously captured pilots were kept and later transported to the West.
    They were captured at Syvash lakes. The engine broke, they tried to escape but were captured.
    I was working in the unit where the pilots were held. I supplied them with our newspapers and some other items. All these 4 pilots asked me to inform their families about them.
    I am SHUSHAKOVA Vera Tikhonovna. My address is town Simferopol, Zhelyabova street 15.
    Please, let me know if you received this message. My duty is to inform you and fulfil their wish.

    The house at the address Simferopol, Zhelyabova street 15.
    Soviet field postSoviet field post
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