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cold war night vision goggles

Article about: i believe these are polish issue so ive mounted on my wz 50 for display purposes they seem to be dated 1971 but im not sure on that ,they might be first generation IR these seem more portabl

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    thank you for showing Rene' i didnt follow with the paddle thingy but i understand now so this is the IR lamp ,i didnt realise it was part and parcel of the kit ,i just assumed it would be mounted on the tank so you live and learn ,ade i will keep you posted
    paul this unit and helmet combined is very front heavy ,i would need the neck muscles of geoff capes to hold it level

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    Unusual stuff and certainly differant indeed James,that setup looks heavy?wonder how the old neck muscles held out?had to be worn short term I would have thought,thanks for showing something off the beaten track to the norm............

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    cheers rudders i admit i do buy some random stuff but as ive an interest in cold war militaria i couldnt resist

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    Powered them up?

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    not yet mate ,for now i threw them on the shelf ,i go to bed earlycold war night vision goggles i found an earlier set of night vision to play with as well cold war night vision goggles

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    cold war night vision goggles

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    hehehe I'm in bed early too!

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    did ya spark em up? I had a shot last week and got eaten alive by mozzies!!! so took this shot indoors!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture cold war night vision goggles   cold war night vision goggles  

    cold war night vision goggles   cold war night vision goggles  

    cold war night vision goggles  
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