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Czech Helmet...WW2?

Article about: I bought this helmet, thinking it was Russian, but now it looks Czech after a bit of research. It is stamped in the dome with "HS 50/VIII 1974". The liner looks pretty old. Is this

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    nice helmet pablo as the other members have already stated ,a polish wz model 50 , very easy to confuse with the soviet design mainly because of the russians dominance in polish life post ww2 ,soviet helmets were used initially but then this model was introduced post 1950 locally produced with polish designed liner system , in my opinion worthy of any helmet collection ,i myself have three in total the earliest is dated 1953 heres a link to mine cheers james my polish helmets

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    Quote by helmet2id View Post
    Scout, that is a Czech manufactured helmet, but I think the disc means it was used by the Danish railway police. I think I have one in storage somewhere. If I can dig it out I'll post it. Jim G.
    There is no but, if or when about it, Jim - you are spot on.

    A czech helmet used also by the Danish Railroad.

    This came to me via a former member of the Danish Resistance Movement.

    When I got the lid many moons ago, I looked into the matter and these were indeed also used by the railroad authorities in Denmark.

    A sure sign is the disc bearing the Danish Royal crown over the letters 'DSB,' which stands for 'Danske StatsBaner' meaning Danish 'official' or state owned railroads (Danske=Danish, Stat=The State/Government, Baner=Railroad).

    Here a close-up, thought it might be a bit difficult to see the royal crown over DSB

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    i forgot to add ,widely exported most notably in large numbers to iraq ,the liner and chinstrap on your example are showing wear and tear most likely caused by extreme temperature conditions ,in this case i would say heat ,so most likely iraqi issue ,are there any ink stamps visible to back up my theory

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    The liner is very dark and stiff. I found some marks on the chinstrap using an IR camera that is not visible to the naked eye. Could it be arabic?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Czech Helmet...WW2?   Czech Helmet...WW2?  

    Czech Helmet...WW2?  

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    your Polish M50 could be a helmet used during the IRAN - IRAQ war since it's dated 1974 , it has a good chance on being used during that time 1980 - 1988

    Ive seen many Polish Wz50's that were brought back from Iraq , Poland must have been one of the largest suppliers of these helmets, other arab countries like Egypt, Syria, also used this model

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