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Hungarian "Cold War" Collection 1945 - 1990

Article about: It's the same cotton-filled material which the Red Army introduced in WW2 (Telogreika), which was excellent against the cold - and possibly was more fire-poof... QUOTE=Scout;937204]Nice find

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    Thank you James, I have lots more stuff - I'll update more often ... as I've said before, this postwar stuff gets no respect in Hungary (and probably in other "ex-iron-curtain" countries), and I get these for a laugh of a price. For exmpl., this lot was 20 EU for the whole thing...even after a bid-war!
    Btw., on ebay, these postwar Hungarian stuff costs a lot more, just the winter usanka would be like 29.99 EU if not more, etc.

    Quote by James C View Post
    some fantastic pieces fabe ,its always a pleasure to view your latest pickups ,i like the referance picture showing how the zelt is fitted over the pack ,very much the same setup as my nva display ,as i said before keep up the great work ,the soviet buckles are nice ,its hard to put an exact date on these but are the same design as the ww2 period types ,regards james

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    well your one lucky guy fabe ,ive found your thread an interesting insight on postwar hungarian militaria ,i like your use of referance pictures too ,from what ive seen of your collection so far ,it is pure quality ,most items look unissued ,great work in preserving these items for future generations otherwise who knows where they might of ended up ,thanks james

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    Great thread with some really interesting items, i love that M 50 helmet and the camo zeltbahn!..
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    more UPDATES:

    "ÁVH" handcuffs - very rare like this, since it has the key also. (mostly they were lost) Number "540" cuffs with matching "540" key

    "The State Protection Authority (Hungarian: Államvédelmi Hatóság or ÁVH) was the secret police force of Hungary from 1945 until 1956. It was conceived of as an external appendage of the Soviet Union's secret police forces, but attained an indigenous reputation for brutality during a series of purges beginning in 1948, intensifying in 1949 and ending in 1953. In 1953 Joseph Stalin died, and Imre Nagy (a moderate reformer) was appointed Prime Minister of Hungary. Under Nagy's first government from 1953 to 1955, the ÁVH was gradually reined in."

    Click image for larger version. 

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    nice cuffs and information regarding them fabe , im learning a lot from your thread

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    more stuff:

    well, I guess this thread - PPSh-41 drum magazine + magazine pouch
    - should be here, but anyway...
    new pick-ups: late 1940s Hungarian made PPS 41 drum magazine + PPS 41 sling

    and a nicely marked M1950 Hungarian gas mask set - and a rare piece too, early date (probably made 1950-52) with the red stripe on the filter (later ones were painted dark green with no red stripe)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	17c6_3_big.jpg 
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Name:	17c6_2_big.jpg 
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Name:	17c6_5_big.jpg 
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    very nice additions fabe ,i always like seeing your recent pickups ,the soviet influence is very apparent but with minor differences that would be lost to the untrained eye ,great work and keep it up ,ill look forward to more of your updates ,kind regards james

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    new pick-up:

    Hungarian late 1950s ÁVH/police hat (depends which cap badge is on it, on this one, is a police badge - but I do have some rare ÁVH /state police/ bagdes also).
    Like new first police hat, quite happy with it.

    size 56


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	22c6_1_big.jpg 
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    UPDATE - new stuff:

    2 pcs. of Hungarian M50 entrenching tools - new condition ( one of those items that gets "no respect", so they are very cheap )

    And these were also cheap, but actually not all that common:
    4 pcs. of entrenching tool covers - 3 of them the same (but rare, with stamps) type and 1 with a bakelite button - these are all quite old actually (1940s - 1950s), all with ink stamps - with a small 1952 date (not all that readable)

    I can't tell who made them - sort of looks "Red Army" style - maybe they were left-overs, which were stamped in the 50s by the Hungarian Army - but def. very old pieces...They smell like "war"

    All Hungarian M50 entr. tools have the same marking: a small tri-angle and a number: "41893" (see last pic.)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC02997.jpg 
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    those e tools are in superb condition ,well done on finding them fabe

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