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British bayo ?

Article about: Picked this up at a local flea market very pitted and some rust the guy who sold it says its british any one have any idea or type, although it is in poor condition it now has a new home to

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    Well, it was made by MOLE, so i guess it is a later issue,
    x present, date 7/9? july 189? back to back R, also RR, numbers 0124, a crown with 35 with various other marks, the blade as not been sharpened , lots of pitting although very solid, now a little oil/wax and put on the shelve with the others all in all happy with this i suppose it is in relic condition but stood up pretty well over time.

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    Anyone know of other model scabbards will fit this bayo please.

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    Greetings Steve,

    Check out this thread, it has some really nice examples of blades and some pictures of different scabbards. P1888 bayonets - Arms - Great War Forum I'd try asking these guys if you have further questions.



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    The two Rs back to back indicate that the bayonet was officially condemned.

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    Interesting, if they were condemned why not destroy them after 100 years or so I would not like it poked at me.

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    Condemned from further service service in the British Army, but then quite likely demilitarised and sold commercially where it could have been purchased by a colonial government or some volunteer unit. The sold out of service mark of two broad arrows facing each other would confirm this.

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    Thank you I will check it later

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