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British Bayonets

Article about: I've just about got the Lee-Enfield covered, 2 more and I think it'll be done. From the top, Pattern 1888 MkI Enfield, ditto Wilkinson, Pattern 1903 Enfield Unit markings from the first 1888

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    THank you everyone, I really do like these, there's so much I'm still learning about them, and so many variants. Going to military and gun shows is like a treasure hunt, because there are always a few of the 1907s or No4s at every show, you never know what you'll find. I like the sword bayonets alot, they are so substantial, and look like a bayonet should. I wish there were more of the No5 and No7 types made, I like the knife part too, doing double duty as it were.

    I want to display them on a wall, but so far haven't come up with anything better than pegboard. There's a few too many for shelves and display stands I think. I have to clean more out of that room, anyone need another old tv? lol

    Rob, I looked with a magnifying glass, and it's definately a D. It looks like something is in the middle of the D, it could be a 5, but so scrubbed out I need a stronger lense to really be sure. But that's part of the fun of collecting, the mystery of pieces like this, so close, but still not sure.

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    An excellent, focused collection.Thanks for showing!

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    Great collection of bayonets for the enfield, one of the best iv seen for a long time, good luck finding older models.
    William and Rob, you are right with the stabbing of the bayonet, the muscles contract around the blade this is where
    the twist of the blade comes in. IE stab and twist ect, sounds gruesome but it is the only way it works, thats if you dont want to lose your bayonet.

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    I always wondered, who came up with the idea of not sharpening them? I think I'd rather have something sharp ran into me than something that has a hard time cutting butter, at least it would be over faster. They outlawed dum dum bullets because they caused excessive pain, how did they think a dull bayonet would be any different?

    And Thank you, glad you enjoyed them

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    You have a very nice collection.
    I collected bayonets as a kid. I still have a 1907, a No5, and a No7.
    I might even have a 1888.
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    British Bayonets

    British Pattern 1888 bayonets for the Long Lee:

    1) Mk I First Model
    2) Mk I Second Model
    3) Mk II
    4) Mk III
    5) Mk.III (Manufactured in South Africa, WW II)

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    That's a very nice grouping Terry, they look almost brand new. How long did it take to find the Mk I first model?

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    Pete, I'm fortunate in having had two Pat.1888s First Model for quite a while. At the time they were not particularly sought after and I can't even remember from where they came. It's only now that I realize how lucky I am! One went on a recent local auction and I just about passed out at the price it realized. Terry.

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    Great bayos gents , the 1888`s imo are probably the best in terms of build quality , sturdyness and a beautiful styled blade , i have a MK1 second model and love it and that Mk 1 first model you have really is a rarity , congrats on some great collections

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    I wish I had luck like that Terry hehe I wish I had put as much effort into the bayonets as I did in acquiring the rifles themselves when I was younger, they seemed to be more availabe back then. Some day maybe, I'll have a bit of luck myself thank you very much for sharing.

    Thank you Al, I like the design of the 1888s myself.

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