Latest bit of reenactment/display kit at my disposal, a P14 Bayonet, used by the British during the first and second (limited use) world wars. Made by Remington in February 1917. While similar to the SMLE Ptn 1907 Bayonet, it differed in a few minor things and the two were not exchangable. For easy identification the Ptn 1913 had two grooves cut into the grips, as can be seen in the first photo, side by side, with the 1907 on the left, 1913 in the center, and to the far right we have the No4 Spike Bayonet. Scabbard is made of leather with metal chape and mouthpiece, no markings on it, leather itself is not reinforced, and the scabbard is flexible when the bayonet is taken out.

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I can't figure out what "CI A" means, but I'm sure it's an acceptance mark of some sort. There also appears to be a smaller crown faintly stamped under the lettering.