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Estate itmes

Article about: I know people like that, but that means they might be good. Even if you don't want them, there is a huge market for them.

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    Hello everyone,i need some help as i have a chance to bid/buy these items and i have an idea on the 2 knifes but needed to know more on the longer bayonet/sword and the other item in the top left corner ,does it look ww2 u.s or german?thanks everyone.
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    Pammy the long bayonet looks like a French Chasseur, and without clearer and more detailed pictures the binocs and the items in the box ,i cant tell, you obviously know about the others.

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    Thanks dave,yeah they are the only pictures i have but before i bid i will look for any maker marks on the binocs and i thank you for the help.! The long bayonet i have a smaller one but wasent sure since in was much bigger.take care and thanks again i will post more pictures if i end up winning them.does the one bayo look like a feild camo job?

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    Well i ve never seen a camoed scabbard before, i suppose its possible, if it didnt move , it got painted, as for the Chassuer, you say you have a smaller one , is it exactly the same , does it have an arched blade and writing on the flat portion of the blade, ie the top spine of the blade, there should be a date as well, some had "Etienne" etched into the spine

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    Hi,here is my bayo i might be wrong as it has the same looking grip?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Estate itmes  

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    No Pammy its not the same, look at the point where the rifle slots through yours has no securing bolt whereas the one in the photo has, plus it looks like your one has a straight blade judging by the scabbard

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    The bayonet is French as Davejb says, not South American like yours, Pammy.

    The one with the painted scabbard is a Krag from early 1900's or late 1800's,
    and the paint is obviously modern. There is also a US Navy Mk 1 knife
    in the grey scabbard, likely 'PAL' maker, as they made thousands,
    and also a US M5 bayonet with the black plastic grips.

    I see too there is a box of pocket/folding knives - who knows what gems
    or trash could be in there, but some look like they may be very good !

    The binoculars can not really be seen in this photograph, they could be
    modern. As you said, check them for military markings.

    The French bayonet may be worth around $100, and the US Navy knife
    is about the same, but the blades must be in good condition.

    Hope you can get them.....................!
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    Thanks dave and steve ,i should be able to get them all and i will post better pictures tommorow.thanks again for all the help guys..!

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    I like the look of those pocket knives, if anything pick them up! From here I can see maybe an Ulster, or an Imperial or Colonial. If you buy them, I can probably ID them for you.

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    thanks that would be great ! but there is an old guy that bids me up all the time on pocket knifes ,i guess he must have a store ot collect?

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