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Help Authenticate This Knife!

Article about: Hi everyone! I just recently purchased this knife on ebay and it's in very good condition, and for that reason it worries me a lot. The knife is a WW2 Mark 2 Kabar USMC fat handle knife. I h

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    Quote by Chopperman View Post
    ... I have a Karbar Navy Mk2 and a Camillus USMC and I would like to
    know how to date them. I believe mine are both Vietnam era as
    both have the markings on the guard and not the blade.
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    Quote by Chopperman View Post
    I've spent a couple days digging around the net trying to
    find out more on dating Ka-Bars. There is not a lot of
    real good info but from what I can tell, the knife posted
    looks to be a ww2 knife.

    The small lettering, the thinner pommel (1/4" thick as opposed
    to 3/8") and the pommel being pinned all the way thru, all point
    to a ww2 knife.
    Thanks! You and I probably looked at the same information then because that's exactly what I saw that made me believe it was WW2

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    Very interesting reading.
    I believe my Camillus to ba a late ww2 piece. It has the thin
    pommel and is thru pinned but is marked on the guard and
    not the blade. That would put it at about 1945.

    My Ka-bar has the 3/8 pommel and is peened, not pinned
    and has the oxblood colored handle. I would say that puts
    it somewhere between 1962 and 1974.

    I was hoping that blade or guard markings would help but
    M.H. Cole's book "US Military Knives #3" shows at least a half
    dozen different variations of the KaBar markings.
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