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Help!! Can anyone ID these old US Swords please???

Article about: Hi Relicz, Thanks again!! Any chance of a picture of your sword for reference please???? Cheers MR

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    Hi Relicz, Thanks again!! Any chance of a picture of your sword for reference please????
    Cheers MR

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    Hi SteveR, Thank you for your prompt and authoratitive response to my questions re the two swords. I have had these two swords sitting in my garage for some time and thought nothing of them. How glad I am that I had the sense to ask for the opinions of my fellow members. Opinions, I hasten to add, which I value greatly. Thank you Sir!!!!
    With thanks, regards and best wishes Michael R

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    Here is a similar one that sold at auction....

    Militia NCO Sword - Cowan's Auctions

    Here is another....

    American Militia-style NCO Sword

    Often referred to as NCO Militia swords from around the 1840's . Similar designs are seen on the Knights of Pythias swords and Knights Templar but often are more flashy looking for decoration and the scabbards usually have intricate designs. Many times they will have a cross integrated into the design.

    If yours has a simple looking scabbard it is most likely the type referred to as a militia sword.


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    Hi Steve, Thank you for your message and for the two links which I have explored. My two are nothing like in the condition of those shown but of interest to me none-the-less. greatly appreciated!!
    With thanks, regards and best wishes Michael R

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    Hi Once Again, Some time back, I aquired the sword shown in the pictures. All I am fairly certain of is that it is a musicians side arm. Can anyone out there confirm its age and/or nationality please???? I have a feeling that it may be an early US Army item but am happy to be corrected??
    With thanks, regards and best wishes Michael R

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	z (1).jpg 
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    Almost all swords used by the K.of C., Masons, Odd Fellows, etc. came from the same companies that made them for the US military.
    In addition the old Bannerman catalog sold US surplus swords, gear, guns and tons of other things. In one of their adds for military swords, states that they are perfect for fraternal organizations. They could be purchased for a fraction of the cost of ordering them Ames or what ever manufacturer.
    The first swords sure looks like the Knights of Columbus ones that I see all over Iowa in the antique stores. But I am no sword expert.
    If it is a real US NCO sword then I need to look closer when I go picking. I hope someone can come up with a book about them.

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    Fraternal Swords and Collectables

    Here is a fellow that sells fratenal swords. About half way down, Ancient Order of Hibernians Sword sure looks very similar to yours.

    Here is a copy of an old Ames catalog in Man at Arms magazine. Look at page 6.
    I hope this helps you out.

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    Hi popeye, Many thanks for your prompt response and opinions. Also thank you for the lincs which I will persue. I appreciate any comments that people like yourself make, it is all information and knowledge to me!!

    Regards Michael R

    PS Do you have any thoughts on the musicians sword??

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    I am not sure on the second one? The wood handle looks very crude and the cast metal looks crude also.
    I think the instinct of a band type sword maybe right? I wonder if it could be from some school marching band uniform? Like a military school.
    I will try to see if I can find anything about it.
    Good luck

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    I haven't been to lodge in WAY too long but every masonic sword I have seen usually has some sort of masonic symbol on it. We are very big on symbolism!! Nothing further here...................

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