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The humble British Jack Knife

Article about: Hi Guys, the clasp or Jack knife was carried by all British soldiers in WW2. They were carried secured around the waist via string lanyard. They were a useful tool and were often kept by for

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    Quote by Blackpowder44 View Post
    I beiieve your knife is a military issue knife from the Boer war period. The tin opener on military knives came into use in about 1913. Your knife appears to have chequred horn grips and is a very good example. Somewhere on this site is a series of pictures of my collection of jack knives. John.
    I assume you are referring to that posted by Tom in post #26?


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Just been looking at this again, cleaning wise maybe just a little wd40 to remove surface rust, the springs work really well and maybe pick up a lanyard, seen some on ebay and a local anchor supplies military surplus stock.

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    Quote by greatwhite View Post
    Managed to pick up what i think is the naval version, made by J Robinson & sons 1942,
    cost me a tenner, bargin for such a piece of history
    Yep, nice knife and a tenner is a good price for a Naval Jack Knife nowadays.

    The maker is actually J Rodgers and Sons not 'Robinson', it might be difficult to read though? The other giveaway about the maker without seeing the name is the Maltese Cross and Star, it's Joseph Rodgers trademark.

    Some of mine are here... British Naval Jack Knives including some Joseph Rodgers ones like yours.

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    Ahh thanks, most of it is rubbed away. thanks again.

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    Hello Jerry,
    I was issued one of these when I joined the navy in 1965. It now resides in Portsmouth dockyard where I dropped it overboard at South Railway Jetty in 1966. I have a replacement now but I still have to stamp my name in the panel on the side.

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    was that mandatory.

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    The stamping of name or the dropping,
    We brits are notorious theives so putting your name on was essential.


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    Managed to pick one up 1943 SSP, £12.
    The humble British Jack Knife
    The humble British Jack Knife
    The humble British Jack Knife

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    Nice bunch of knives

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    nice assortment !

    this is my first WW2 version , 1941

    made by Harrison fisher & co LTD Sheffield England
    (found in Australia)
    The humble British Jack KnifeThe humble British Jack Knife

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